About Smith’s

Welcome to Smith Candles–home of the ecofriendly palm wax candles with a feather-like texture. As these beautiful candles burn at 1oz./hour, hour precious dollars really will go far. Not only is palm wax recycled from palm trees, there is no petroleum in our products, either. Our wicks are natural cotton as well. No matter if they are for you, a friend, or any occasion, let us make it special with our delightful scenting. Wholesale orders are welcome! Contact us at (717) 413-4576.

Here at Smith Candles, we strive to provide you with quality products at an affordable price. Our wish is to scent your living areas so they are uplifting, coming from beautiful Southern Lancaster County Pennsylvania since 2006. May you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy serving you! Over the years our family has purchased many candles, and we can honestly say that these are among the best we have ever burned. Thank you for each purchase! Questions and comments are welcome at candlemama7314@aol.com or (717) 413-4576. We enjoy custom coloring for your special occasions, so give us a call for more info!